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Final official results of HF Tesla Memorial 2017 are published today. Every participant will receive UBN file via e-mail. Clicking on PDF icon in WW final results you can downloda your certificate in electronic format. Plaques for winners wil be sent via postal service. Thank you for participating in the contest and we expect you in next competition.



Today are published 2016 final contest results. We are inviting you to participate in 2017 contest and expecting you to support this contest by your participation.



Contest and log submitting for the year 2016 have been completed and immediately after the log submitting deadline are published claimed scores .


New contest rules are poblished on this site under "Contest rules". Contest time is shortened for 2 hours, set are the new categories, and the part which regulates the awards is changed. These rule changes have not changed the basis of competition.


Today are published 2015 official results.

Today are published the contest rules on German language with thanks to Paul Schimanski - DF4ZL
Today are published final results for 2014 year. Beside World Wide results, there are presented results by countries and by continents. Each contest participant can download its certificate clicking on pdf icon. Plaques and printed certificates according to the rules will be distributed very soon via post service.

Apart from the organizer who is plaque sponsor, appeared a few more sponsors. If you want to sponsor any entry in the contest, all information available on "Plaque sponsors.
Today are published the rules in the Russian language. The translation was done by Sinisa YU1RA and proofreading of the Russian translation was done by Andrey RW3VZ. TM HF rules are posted on "QRZ.RU" also.
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Tesla Memorial HF CW Contest is from today supported by GenLog software logger created by W3KM.
Unfortunately the Win-Test team informed us that they do not intend to put any new contest in the near future.
Today were published rules in the Czech language. Jaroslav Chmelik OK1HDU, on his own initiative made ​​the translation and informed us about it. We hereby express our gratitude.
SM3CER Contest Service updated Contest calendar for March 2014 including Tesla Memorial HF CW Contest.
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