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TESLA Memorial HF CW Contest

Contest rules 2019

March 09-10, 2019

Savez radio-amatera Srbije (Amateur Radio Union of Serbia) - SRS is pleased to invite you to participate in the 6th "TESLA Memorial HF CW Contest".

I. Objective:

For amateurs World wide to contact as many amateurs as possible during the contest period.

II. Contest Period:

Starts: 18:00 UTC Saturday March 09

Ends: 05:59 UTC Sunday March 10

III. Bands:

3.5 MHz (80m) and 7MHz (40m) bands may be used.

IV. Mode:

Only CW.

V. Entry Categories:

1. Multi op. - single TX (80m+40m)

2. SO HP (80m+40m)

3. SO LP (80m+40m)

4. SO QRP (80m+40m)

5. SOSB HP 80m

6. SOSB LP 80m

7. SOSB QRP 80m

8. SOSB HP 40m

9. SOSB LP 40m

10. SOSB QRP 40m

It is possible to work on both bands, and apply log for one of SOSB categories with the mandatory of sending the complete log.

VI. Exchange:


QSO NR: starting from 001

QTH LOC: first four characters of WW QTH locator (e.g. KN04, JO32, FN12 etc. )

Exchange example: 599 023 KN03

VII. Points :

Points are calculated based on the distance between the centers of the middle of QTH grids:

Up to 600 km = 10 points

601 - 1200 km = 13 points

1201 - 1800 km = 16 points

1801 - 2400 km = 20 points

2401 - 3600 km = 24 points

3600 - 4800 km = 28 points

4801 - 6000 km = 32 points

6001 - 7200 km = 36 points

7201 - 8400 km = 40 points

above 8401 km = 45 points

Total score:Sum of points.

QSO is acknowledged if it is correctly received and transmitted: CALL, RST, NR, QTH LOC

UNIQUE CALLs are not recognized, unless the organizer has a log of participant which would have been declared as UNIQUE CALL.

Time difference between entrant's log and other station's log must not exceed 3 min.

QSO's with stations using a call sign with a prefix that is not assigned by the ITU will not be counted for points.

Penalty points do not exist.

VIII. General:

All operation will be within the limits of the station national license.

Only one transmitted signal is permitted at any time.

Use of any IP network for remote receiving, including WEB controlled receivers, is not permitted.

High power - Total output power must not exceed 1500 watts.

Low power - Total output power must not exceed 100 watts.

QRP - Total output power must not exceed 5 watts.

IX. Ranking:

Participants will be ranked:

- World ranking by categories

- Continental ranking by categories

- National ranking by categories

X: Awards:

The plaque is awarded to WW first place in next categories:

1. Multi op. - Single TX (80m + 40m)

2. SO HP (80m + 40m)

3. SO LP (80m + 40m)

4. SO QRP (80m + 40m)

WW first place is awarded to participants from Europe if they have more than 300 recognized QSOs, and QRP 200 QSOs.

WW first place is awarded to participants from outside of Eurppe if they have more than 180 recognized QSOs and QRP 90 QSOs.

The organizer leaves the opportunity to award plaques for other placements if there will be sponsors.

XI. Certifcates:

All participants will receive electronic certificates in PDF format.

XII. Deadline for sending a log:

15.03.2019. until 23.59 UTC.

Submitting logs in Cabrillo format is provided via WEB Log service at

In case of problems, the logs in Cabrillo format can be alternatively delivered via email address tesla(at) within the deadline for sending the log.

In both cases, the participant will receive an automatic confirmation of the received log via e-mail address.

On the basis of the final results, the participant will receive via e-mail address UBN files for QSO's which are not recognized if there are any.

XIII. Statement:

By submitting a log, the participant confirms that understands the rules of the contest and has respected them. Participant agrees that his log may be publicly published on the contest WEB page.

For any questions, participants can contact organizer via the e-mail address tesla(at)




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